Hungry? #24 – So it begins again…

Sad but true is that fact that the less active you are the more tired and lazy you get.  I keep flipping the script and telling myself if I just rest more then I will feel into exercise and get back to it.  Who the fuck am I kidding with this line of bullshit.  Huh…I know the truth and yet I let myself lie constantly.

Thus far I haven’t had too much of a gain been a little flip flopping for the past two weeks up 1.4 pound then down 1.4 pound and then up 1.4 pound.  This week I am hoping the changes are going to come.  Just this afternoon I am heading over to my daddie-oo’s apartment and he is going to walk with me to Ala Moana Shopping Center and then back to his apartment.  Round trip that is about 4 miles.  I am hoping to get my walking in 3 times a week and on the other days to do 10 minute trainer.

I am hoping that committing to walking with my dad will get my ass moving.  I really hate making commitments and then skipping out on people.  It does happen every once in a while and most times it is because I under estimate my time constraints.  I ain’t perfect but if I make this commitment and fall back then I have to call him and say I ain’t coming.  I am going to ask him to help me by holding me accountable when I  skip out.

I got some other plans, but this is coming on cause quite frankly I am tired of eating my money in the form of take out food. Tired of  being tired.  Tired of being unhealthy.  I am not just eating my expendable income – which I don’t really have – no I am eating money I should be using to pay bills.  Clearly I have a problem.  Wish me luck.

Questions for Hungry? #24 – If you had one thing you wanted to change about yourself what would it be?

Keep smiling even when you don’t feel like it,


One comment

  1. “I really hate making commitments and then skipping out on people” What about putting this thought towards yourself? Breaking a promise to yourself is just as bad as skipping out on other people. :)

    I feel you on the food part. I’ve been attempting to get in 5 servings of Veggies everyday and that’s helped me control my hunger and makes me eat out less. Good Luck!

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